Iowa Democratic Party Hangs up on Precinct Secretary Trying to Report Results

‘They hung up on me. Okay, I’ve got to get back in line on hold. They just hung up’


BLITZER: Sean Sebastian, a precinct secretary in story county, what can you tell us about this delay in getting any results, Sean?
SEBASTIAN: Well, wolf, I have been on hold for over an hour with the Iowa Democratic Party. They tried to, I think, promote an app to report the results. The app, by all accounts, just like doesn’t work so we’ve been recommended to call in to the hotline and the hotline has not been responsive.
BLITZER: And — have you gotten any explanation? Sean, have you gotten any explanation at all as to what’s going on?
SEBASTIAN: No, I have not, no. I’m just waiting on hold. And doing my best to report the results from my precinct.
BLITZER: What are you hearing? I know you’re listening to a conversation from the Iowa Democratic Party.
SEBASTIAN: This is a real coincidence, wolf, I just got off hold, just now so I’ve got to get off the phone to report the results.
BLITZER: Go ahead, and report, can we listen in as you report them, Sean?
SEBASTIAN: Hi, hello? They hung up on me. They hung up on me. Okay, I’ve got to get back in line on hold. They just hung up.
BLITZER: So frustrating, indeed. Sean, we’re going to stay in close touch with you, Sean Sebastian from story county out in Iowa, a precinct secretary wanted to report the results of the caucus there and clearly for an hour he was on hold

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