Jason Whitlock: The NBA Answers to Nike and Nike Answers to China

‘Nike is a 30-$40 billion a year business; the NBA is an 8 billion a dollar a year business’
By Grabien Staff


WHITLOCK: “Listen, Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich, Lebron James, Adam Silver, the whole list of them are hypocrites, no question about it. They are very vocal on issues here. I do not want to miss the forest for looking at these nice trees by this story, Sean, is really about Nike. It’s really about Nike. And Nike is the king of basketball. Nike is a 30-$40 billion a year business. The NBA is an 8 billion a dollar a year business. The NBA answers ten Nike, and Nike answers to China. If you notice, Sean, from Lebron James to Colin Kaepernick, who supports them? Nike. This whole thing is about Nike and being beholden to the Chinese market. And when we have allowed these American companies to be overrun by these foreign countries in their foreign investment in our businesses, they now have the ability to influence American culture, and that is exactly what’s going on. Communist countries for 100 years have used the strategy of smearing the west, A.K.A. America, as being the racist demon of the planet. And they do it to cover up their own racism, their own depravity, and the damage of communism. And so, we have Nike in bed with China, and Nike athletes, Colin Kaepernick, Lebron James smearing the United States. I believe in unfair wages racist — are we a country that has had a problem with race? Absolutely. But are we a country that has made incredible progress along racial lines? Absolutely. And to have these athletes, in my view, at the behest of Nike, who works at the behest of the Chinese government, and that Chinese market, for them to continually smear America this way, it’s unfair and is having a terrible impact on American culture.”

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