Jayapal: If It’s a Choice Between Spending Cuts & 14th Amendment, Biden Should Choose 14th Amendment

‘I don’t want to use the 14th Amendment’
By Grabien Staff


JAYAPAL: “It's our constitutional obligation to raise the debt ceiling which Republicans are refusing to do. So again, let's make it clear that anyone who thinks that this is normal, it's not normal. Republicans are using this as a hostage taking move, because they couldn't get these cuts that are trying to get in during the regular negotiations and appropriations session. I think the American people have to understand that that is what is happening. So, you know, is it our preference to use the 14th Amendment? Of course not. We think Republicans should raise the debt ceiling, that can happen today, Poppy, if five Republicans who are responsible to their constitutional obligation, get out there and sign the discharge petition for a clean debt ceiling raise with Democrats. So I don't want to use the 14th Amendment. But what I am saying is that if it's a choice between a catastrophic deal for the American people, either through default or through these awful spending cuts, than I think the president would have to go to using his unilateral authority to raise the debt ceiling.”


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