Jen Psaki: People Liked Biden’s Agenda and They Didn’t Like Extremism

‘I woke up feeling good and happy and relieved that some of the extremist natures out there were fought against and victoriously so’
By Grabien Staff


PSAKI: “I will tell you, Joe, you know, he used to talk when I was in the White House about how after the election in 2020, the country was so -- the nerves were frayed, all our nerves were frayed, right? He didn't get to enjoy. There was no big inauguration, right. He had to dive into dealing with not just the crises, but all of the crap that Trump had left behind. And really coming out of the other night, not just that he was the most successful president in a midterm election, and there are a lot of factors for that for sure, but also his agenda that he fought like hell for, right, that he worked with Democrats on to do something on climate change, to lower costs for the American public, to -- to build bridges across the country, to fight for abortion rights. That's an agenda people liked, and they didn't like extremism.”


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