Jennifer Rubin: Trump Is ‘Mentally Incapable of Conducting the Job’

‘He is incapable of doing complex tasks’
By Grabien Staff


RUBIN: “Absolutely. I think they are a critical mass, that if they join together and they went around the country or they cut ads or they appeared on news programs as a unit, I think it would make a big difference. I think one or the other speaking out is certainly helpful. I don’t want to diminish that. But frankly, the media’s attention gets called when there is something very unusual, very distinguished, very kind of dramatic. And that’s what I think it would be if they came forward. And in particular, I think they need to testify, not only to his bad judgment, his policy insanity, and his moral character, but the fact that he is mentally incapable of conducting the job. Many of them have said that he is incapable of, for example, putting others first. He is incapable of doing complex tasks. He’s incapable of understanding anything more detailed than something that’s on an index card. They need to show that to the American people so that they know that he is not only unfit, but incapable of taking the oath of office and conducting the job. And who better than the people who saw him day in and day out.”

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