Jerry Nadler: Congress Will Judge for Itself on Whether President Trump Obstructed Justice

‘... and for the public ultimately’


TAPPER: “In terms of the Mueller report, we already know that the special counsel report does not reach a conclusion when it comes to whether President Trump obstructed justice, but A.G. Bill Barr, he did reach a conclusion, he says there is not sufficient evidence to establish that the President obstructed justice. Does that end the debate over obstruction of justice?”
NADLER: “Certainly not. Especially since A.G. Barr, before he became attorney general, wrote a long memo in which he said a president could not obstruct justice because the president is the boss of the Justice Department and could order it around to institute an investigation, to eliminate an investigation, and could not be questioned about that. In other words, he thinks it is a matter of law the president can’t obstruct justice, which is a very wild theory to which most people do not agree. And the fact of the matter is, we should see and judge for ourselves, and that’s for Congress to judge whether the President obstructed justice or not, and for the public ultimately.”

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