Jesse Watters: We Can’t Feed Our Babies but We Can Feed the Ukrainian War Machine

‘We can feed the illegal alien babies’
By Grabien Staff


WATTERS: “Yesterday we played a sound bite of Whoopi Goldberg saying none of this is Biden’s fault. He walks around, he steps on a loose floorboard and it hits him in the face. Things keep hitting him in the face. That’s because Joe and the Democrats can’t nail down any of the damn floorboards. Everything from baby formula, to crime, to inflation, to gas prices, he is surprised by. The man has no vision. He’s like a quarterback, he gets under the center and he has no idea how to read a defense. Right? He is reacting to everything. You have to get out there and anticipate things that are happening. And at this point what he’s done with families, he says he cares about children and families. First he calls kids racist in school, then he calls parents domestic terrorists, then they can’t feed their babies, but we can feed the Ukrainian war machine. We can feed the illegal alien babies, but we can’t feed our own babies? It’s sad.”

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