Jillian Michaels to Bill Maher Claiming ‘Inflation Is Not Insane’: ‘Bill, Go Buy a Car … Buy Some F*cking Eggs’

Maher: ‘We won the pandemic economically’
By Grabien Staff


MAHER: “But isn't it amazing to you? Like it was in the paper today about this country came out of the pandemic way better -- we just f*ck -- we won the pandemic, economically. I mean, America --”
MICHAELS: “We did? I don't feel that way. Explain it to me. I feel like inflation's insane.”
MAHER: “A number.”
MICHAELS: “Everything --”
MAHER: “Inflation is not insane.”
MICHAELS: “Bill, go buy a car.”
MAHER: “I -- I there -- there's -- there's numbers. I understand things. But -- but -- but it has --”
MICHAELS: “A house has tripled here.”
MAHER: “Look, I -- I -- I get that people --”
MICHAELS: “Buy some f*cking eggs. Explain to me. “


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