Joe Biden Would Repeal Trump Tax Cuts and Raise Taxes Even If the Economy Is Still in the Midst of the Pandemic

‘I would repeal the $2 trillion tax cut’
By Grabien Staff

KERNEN: “Mr. Vice President, I just wanted to clear up one more thing for sure. So you’re on record, you would repeal Trump tax cuts immediately and then raise taxes even further right away, even if the economy is still in the midst of this pandemic? Would you do that if elected?”

BIDEN: “I would repeal the $2 trillion tax cut for the folks who are making over a million bucks a year because it’s demonstrated — it’s demonstrated very little or no growth.”

KERNEN: “Corporations?”

BIDEN: “The corporate tax rate, I’d move back to what I had proposed at 28%, what we had proposed at 28%.”

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