John Cusack: ‘Violence and Fascism and Poverty Are Spreading Around the Globe’

‘The planet is faltering in face of relentless corporate plunder … And, sadly, violence, and fascism and poverty is [sic] spreading around the globe’


CUSACK:  “...And for 40 years we have endured this neoliberal class war from above.  And for 40 years Bernie Sanders has been there fighting back.  And you know what?  For four decades, Bernie was right.  Again, and again, and again, and again.”

“We have never ever ever in our lifetime had a candidate that will do more for working people in our lifetimes.  In our lifetimes, we have never had a true honest to God champion of social economic and climate justice this close to the white house.  With a movement he’s led and built ready to implement those changes.  His critiques of neoliberalism, right, that 40 year era, was right and it was true.  And his prophetic warnings have come to pass.  The planet is faltering in the face of relentless corporate plunder, and the billionaires are tightening their stranglehold on public policy and sadly violence and fascism and poverty is spreading across the globe.”

“The 40 year assault has been defined by these trends, and ruling ideology oversaw the greatest upward redistribution of wealth in this country’s history.  And in this world upside-down morally bankrupt logic, the government’s only job it seems it to create optimal conditions for corporate profit.  To privatize everything in sight and sell off every inch of the commonwealth.  That’s it.  Maximize corporate profit at all costs.  It would be a perfect system if there were no human beings.”

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