Jonathan Turley on Being in Trump Courtroom Today: ‘One of the Most Bizarre Moments I’ve Had in a Courtroom’

‘The judge had just said that the jury could not reach a decision’
By Grabien Staff


TURLEY: “It was one of the most bizarre moments I’ve had in a courtroom. And I was just observing. The judge had just said that the jury could not reach a decision and that we would be dismissed for the day. Some reporters actually gathered their stuff and were starting to leave. And then the judge came and basically said, my mistake, we just got a note saying there’s a verdict. Throughout this time, you could feel the building pressure in that courtroom. The one person that didn’t seem to register it was the former president. He had been chatting with counsel. He didn’t show any emotion at all as this mantra of guilty verdicts was read. And there was a great — you know, I think that this is one of those things that is, really embodies the entire Trump era. There were people who clearly were thrilled by the result. And there were people that will be very sad by it. I was saddened to watch it. I disagree with this verdict. I think, as I’ve said before, that this case was legally unfounded.”

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