Jonathan Turley: Trump Hush Money Trial Has Left Many Legal Experts Shocked

‘Some of us were hoping for a hung jury’
By Grabien Staff


TURLEY: “Well, it wasn’t a bad closing argument. The fact is that much of what happened in that courtroom became superfluous because of those instructions. Some of us were hoping for a hung jury because we hoped that the jury might redeem the New York legal system, which is one of the greatest legal systems in the world. And these last, these last few weeks have left many of us shocked as to what we saw in that courtroom. But that was not going to happen after the instructions were finalized. And I wrote a column after I saw the instructions, saying it had the feel of a canned hunt. You know, where you can shoot game in a small space. The space was very small for the defense to maneuver and even smaller, it seemed, for the jury to acquit. So I don’t blame the jury at all.”

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