Jordanian Ambassador to the U.S. Kawar: A Cease-Fire Is the Only Way Forward to Stop the Israel-Hamas War

‘Our worry is that this violence is going to breed violence and is putting pressure in the region’
By Grabien Staff


KAWAR: "Margaret, the images we're seeing out of Gaza are not the same images that the United States is seeing on the mainstream media. We're watching our social media, and everybody in the Arab world is doing the same. The images are flabbergasting and very, very sad. When you see parents looking for their -- the remains of their dead kids in — in supermarket bags, or you're seeing children looking for parents or any familiar face because they're left alone in this world. Now, out of the 11,500 dead, the majority are women and children for sure. And this is asking ourselves, like, 17,000 to 18,000 children are going to be orphans. What do we do with that? Some studies have shown that some of the Hamas — the majority of Hamas fighters were orphans. So, our call here is for a cease-fire. The Jordanian government is asking for a cease-fire. And his majesty has spoken about the importance of going to a cease-fire, not because we want to think differently from the rest of the world, but because we feel that with the Arab countries and with the Islamic countries, this is the only way forward, to stop this war and to sit around the table and go back to negotiations. The humanitarian situation in the West Bank is beyond.”

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