Joy Reid, Jemele Hill Smear America as Racist for Caitlin Clark Popularity

‘It’s just simply America’
By Grabien Staff


REID: You know, somebody very smart said to me recently the challenge with women’s basketball is that most of the stars are black, but — I mean, most of the great players are black, but most of the stars are white. Whether it’s who’s getting awarded by the ESPN, whether who is getting noticed by the magazines. And like you said, if there were charter flights, Brittney Griner would not have ended up in a gulag, right? These ladies are flying commercial and they’re not treated like the men are. How much of this do you think, though, is the marketing potential of a Caitlin Clark? Because quite frankly, this is a league that is largely, as you said, largely black women. It’s also largely LGBTQ. She’s a white heterosexual woman. And so if you’re trying to get white dads to go spend their money and buy season tickets, she seems like a marketing opportunity. How much of it is that?"

(via NewsBusters)

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