Keane on the Ukraine-Russia War: A Full 84% Is Restricted from Ukraine Firing into the Sanctuary Zone

‘They are giving the American people an impression that they’ve removed most of the restrictions’
By Grabien Staff

KEANE: "It is significant in terms of the restrictions that were imposed for sure but they haven’t reduced the restrictions very much. you can see on the map the area in gray is the sanctuary zone Russia has and they’ve pushed into that zone because they know no one can fire into it. significant military capabilities in airbases and the white circles, you can see everything is red, significant Russian military capability. the limit of it is 300 km. Biden says no attack at all. major restriction still impose, second, he says you can use high bars, 75 km, the first circle you can reach out to. but you can only use those weapons systems in the vicinity of kharkiv and only against counter battery, artillery or other weapon this firing at you long range and only when there’s an imminent threat. isw has taken a look at this and analyzed what is really going on here and what it means. what it means is 16% is what is impacted favor. a full 84% is restricted from Ukraine firing into that sanctuary zone. those facts are not what the administration is saying. they are giving the American people an impression that they’ve removed most of the restrictions and furthermore, it means we cannot go after many of the air defense systems in the area, we cannot go after, we being the Ukrainians, the airbases in the area and the significant, major military components and logistics systems that are all in the area. that’s the reality. this is confirmed by the institute for the study of war by talking to the Ukrainians and getting down to the details of what’s happening on the ground."

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