Kennedy: Polls Say Most Americans Wouldn’t Trust Biden to Salt the Fries at McDonald’s

‘As I have told you before, I don’t hate anyone’
By Grabien Staff


KENNEDY: “Well, a neutral observer might point out, sean, that President Obama came into Georgia for ms. Stacey Abrams and her gubernatorial bid and it didn’t seem to help her very much. If I were running senator warnock’s campaign I would certainly bring in President Obama before bringing in President Biden. As I have told you before, I don’t hate anyone, but at this juncture the Biden Administration I think is best known for its world-class acuity according to the polls, most Americans wouldn’t trust President Biden to salt the fries at mcdonald’s. Now, as to Georgia, in a 50/50 Senate which will have if Mr. Walker is elected. It would be much easier to beat back the berserk wing of the Democratic Party. But it’s not just about votes in the Senate. It’s also about values in America, in my opinion. Herschel Walker understands that vetting people at the border is not racist. It’s prudent. Herschel Walker understands that the criminals are not the good guys. They are the bad guys. Herschel Walker understands that we need to have an Election Day, not an election month. And Herschel Walker understands that arlington national cemetery contains for hundred thousand reasons why you should stand your ass up for the national anthem. That is really what this election is all about. And the final point I would make, to the good people of Georgia, if nothing I have said has persuaded you, here is what I want you to do. Before you go to the polls, go grocery shopping, fill up your gas tank and pay your electric bill. And then ask yourself how you vote.”

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