Klobuchar: Warren Is Pushing for a Policy That Would Kick 149 Million Americans Off Their Current Health Care

‘I think she’s pushing for a policy that I don’t agree with’
By Grabien Staff


KLOBUCHAR: “Let me separate these things. I don’t think Elizabeth Warren is elitist. I don’t think that is — that is not the adjective I would use to describe her in any way. I think she’s pushing for a policy that I don’t agree with. And would kick 149 million Americans off of their health care in just four years. Their current health care. That is a fact that says it on page eight of the bill of the sanders/warren bill. That being said, I think there is a better way with one big bold idea and that is having a competitive nonprofit option that could compete with the insurance companies and bring the prices down. I also think that we need to take on the pharmaceutical companies in a big way. Work that I’ve done with senator Sanders and that means bringing in less expensive drugs from other countries, that means allowing unleashing Medicare to negotiate and getting rid of the prohibition, I lead that bill and I will get that done as president. And it also means looking at the house proposal which is a great one to put a cap on some of the prices and save taxpayers $350 billion. Those are bold ideas, Jake. And there is no monopoly on good ideas. And that is a point I would make about senator Warren’s and senator Sanders proposal. I would not call them elitist.”

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