Lee County Sheriff: Fatalities Are in the Hundreds

‘We cannot access the people, that is a problem’


STEPHANOPOULOS: “What do you know right now about injuries and fatalities? And do you have any sense, any estimate of how many people are left to be rescued?”
MARCENO: “So, while I don't have confirmed numbers, I definitely know the fatalities are -- are in the hundreds. There are thousands of people that are waiting to be rescued. And again, cannot give a true assessment until we're actually on scene assessing each scene. And we can't access people, that's the problem. We're -- we're accessing the bridges, where we're seeing what's compromised and what's not. And -- and this will be a life changing event for the men and women that are responding. They're going to see things they've never seen before. So we're going to get together, you know, the Floridians are. It's a great state. We have great people here, and everyone wants to help.”


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