Lemon: Trump’s Ad Shows He’s ‘Willing to Use Lies and Scare Tactics to Terrify His Base’

‘I want to talk about hate’
By Grabien Staff

LEMON: “This is CNN. I am don lemon. I want to talk about hate. I want to talk about fear I want to talk about a blatantly racist appeal by President Trump and his party, an ad that the president tweeted today, an ad that shows you just how willing he is to use lies and scare tactics to terrify his base with just six days to go until the the ad beginning with a chilling confession from a brutal criminal, a man fight as an illegal immigrant, and he is. And he is a really bad guy. Nobody is going to defend this guy. The point is, though, this brutal criminal is who -- is what President Trump wants you to think about when you think about an immigrant. Just consider that. President Trump, who is the son of an immigrant himself.”

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