Leo Terrell: Stormy Daniels Has ‘No Evidence Whatsoever’ Against Trump

‘They have not produced any evidence against President Trump’
By Grabien Staff


TERRELL: “Yeah. And they have not produced any evidence against President Trump. I wanted to — I want the Fox viewers to understand one thing. There are going to be some jury instructions. And that jury instruction is going to say, if you don’t — if you do not believe a witness testimony on one element, you can disbelieve everything. Stormy Daniels has no evidence whatsoever against President Trump. Her credibility is shot. Was she in for the money or was she not in for the money? The question is, what was her motivation? The fact is that Stormy Daniels provided nothing but to do harm to President Trump. Her testimony was solely for that purpose. Michael Cohen, the attorney for Trump, is going to try to throw Trump under the bus based on testimony and advice that he gave. I would submit to you, Bill, that there has been no evidence whatsoever from Stormy Daniels or from Michael Cohen next week, and this trial is for one purpose only, to hurt Trump chances in November 2024. It’s not going to work. Look at the polling. It’s a complete failure on the part of the Democrat Party and the judge.”

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