The List: Growing Number of Liberal Men Accused of Sexually Abusing Women [UPDATED]

There are now more than a dozen prominent Democrats accused of rape, groping, and other sexual misconduct
By Grabien Staff

EDITOR'S NOTE: This list is now being updated on NewsLists.

Progressives have a women problem. 

On Thursday, KABC anchor Leeann Tweeden reported that Sen. Al Franken sexually assaulted her during a USO tour in 2006, adding the former comedian's name to a growing list of left-wing activists who stand accused of sexually abusing women.

The list, which we've compiled below, includes politicians, media titans, Hollywood producers, directors, and actors, as well as other prominent progressives. 

Progressives, of course, market themselves as being on the front-lines of the women's rights movement; indeed, the feminist political movement is encompassed within the larger progressive political ideology. Which makes these alleged abusers not only guilty of violating women, but also of hypocrisy.

Of course, conservatives have also been accused of sexual misconduct -- specifically, Judge Roy Moore, who is currently running to fill the Senate seat vacated when Jeff Sessions became attorney general. But as the list below makes clear, almost all of the bold-faced names that have surfaced over the last few months fall on the left side of the political spectrum.

1 Harvey Weinstein Hollywood Producer Rape, sexual assault, harassment Democratic mega donor, activist
2 Louis C.K. Comedian Sexual misconduct Democratic activist
3 Brett Ratner Hollywood Director Rape, sexual assault, harassment Democratic donor
4 Andrew Kreisburg Hollywood producer Sexual harassment Democratic donor
5 Steve Jurvetson Co-founder of a venture capital firm, SpaceX board member Sexual misconduct Democratic donor
6 Andy Dick Comedian, actor Groping, sexual harassment Democratic donor
7 Hamilton Fish Publisher of the New Republic Sexual harassment Progressive publisher
8 Al Franken Former comedian, current Democratic senator Sexual misconduct, groping Democratic senator
9 Kevin Spacey Actor Sexual assault Democratic mega-donor, activist
10 Rick Najera Director of CBS's "Diversity Showcase" Sexual harassment Democratic donor
11 Knight Landesman Publisher of Artforum Groping, sexual harassment Democratic donor
12 Leon Wieseltier Editor at The New Republic Sexual harassment

Progressive writer

13 John Besh Chief executive or Besh Restaurant Group Sexual harassment Democratic donor
14 Lockhart Steele Vox Media editorial director Sexual harassment, misconduct Democratic writer, donor
15 Anthony Weiner Former congressman Sexting underage girls Democratic politician
16 Bill Clinton  Former president of the United States Rape, sexual misconduct Democratic politician
17 Eric Massa Former state representative in New York Sexual misconduct Democratic politician
18 David Wu Former congressman Sexual harassment Democratic politician
19 Eliot Spitzer Former governor Patronizing prostitutes Democratic politician, commentator
20 John Edwards Vice presidential candidate Encouraging his mistress to abort their love child to avoid a larger scandal Democratic politician
21 Neil Goldschmidt Former governor Sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl Democratic politician
22 Paul E. Patton Former governor After his mistress broke off an affair, Kentucky filed numerous violations against her business Democratic politician
23 Mel Reynolds Former congressman Raped a 16-year-old girl Democratic politician
24 Brock Adams Former congressman Sexual harassment, abuse, rape Democratic politician
25 Robert Menendez Senator Sex with underage prostitute(s) Democratic politician
26 Al Gore Former presidential candidate, vice president Sexual assault Democratic politician
27 John Conyers Congressman Fired staffer after she wouldn't sleep with him Democratic politician
28 Charlie Rose TV host Groping, sexual harassment Acknowledged liberal
29 Glenn Thrush Reporter Groping, sexual harassment Reportedly liberal 
30 Bob Filner Former mayor Groping, sexual harassment Democratic politician
31 Raul Bocanegra State representative Sexual harassment Democratic politician
32 Harold Ford Jr. Former congressman Sexual harassment Democratic politician, commentator


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