Mara Gay: Trump’s Coded Language Is Not Just a Language of Dystopia, But of Fascism and of White Supremacy

‘There are real fears that need to be addressed’
By Grabien Staff


GAY: "Well, Joe, I’m glad we’re having this conversation because I think, you know, this is the language not just of dystopia, but of fascism, of white supremacy. This is coded language, and I think it's really important that we just kind of break down what that means. In this case, say to Donald Trump, what America are you talking about that is this greatest threat to Western civilization? What is it? Is it pluralism? Is it the fact that immigrants want to still come here, as you pointed out, Joe? Is it the fact that there are thriving cities in the United States that are filled with a diverse group of people that’s a threat? I mean, I think that the anxieties underlining this rage and coded language have to be confronted. They’re very real. And even though, you know, that rage caucus, as John said, aptly so, wasn’t enough to get Donald Trump over the finish line, it has remarkable staying power in American politics. We should take it seriously.”

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