Marc Short: Optics of Trump Attending Wake of Slain Officer Is ‘Stark Contrast’ to Biden’s Fundraiser

‘That favors Donald Trump significantly’
By Grabien Staff


SHORT: “I think so, Yamiche. I think this today actually is a favorable contrast for Donald Trump. I accept the point of having three presidents on the stage with a lot of stars, but for the average voter, they’re seeing Donald Trump at a funeral for a slain officer. And I do think — I do think — I accept your point that statistics show crime is down in some areas, but for many, perception from Americans is still high and I think it’s a huge advantage for Donald Trump. And it’s one, candidly, Yamiche, that could have been a vulnerability. The reality is that he partnered with many Democrats in passing jailbreak legislation. He also, I think, has attacked officers that were attacked on January 6 and defended the rioters as patriots. And so, I think it could have been a vulnerability, but the optics of him being there with the family of the slain soldier, who was arrested 22 times before killing the officer, is a stark contrast to what Joe Biden is doing tonight and I think that favors Donald Trump significantly.”

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