Rampaging, Masked Protesters Destroying Berkeley Campus, Setting Fires, over Milo Speech

‘No borders, no nations, fuck deportations!’
By Grabien Staff

(via Michael Bodley)


Student protesters upset over a speech by writer Milo Yiannopoulos are setting fires and destroying property at Berkeley University Wednesday night.


Shouting "Shut It Down," the protesters are removing barricades, toppling a light pole, and throwing projectiles -- including fences and firebombs -- at the building where the speech is being held.

(via Michael Bodley)


Here protesters are trying to firebomb the building where the speech was scheduled to be held:

(Via Julia Carrie Wong)


9:15 PM ET update: The event has been canceled. Police are attempting to disperse the crowd. 

9:30 PM update: Police have given the protesters 10 minutes to disperse or face arrest. 

9:45 PM UPDATE: Milo Yiannopoulos just called into Fox News's Tucker Carlson show. Here's a clip, in which he says "the left cannot tolerate anyone ... who does not subscribe to their own crazy views."


10:25 PM UPDATE: Protesters are leaving campus en route for the town of Berkeley, chanting along the way, "No borders, no nations! Fuck deportations!"

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10:39 PM UPDATE: After a female Trump supporter concludes an interview with a local reporter, anti-Milo protesters pepper spray her. 

(via janeygak)


1:33 AM UPDATE: Protesters chase down Milo supporters, beating them unconscious with metal pipes. 

(via Luke Rudkowski)


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