Matthews: ‘The Second Amendment Does Not Allow You to Carry a Gun on an Airplane’

‘It’s interesting how we evolve what the second measurement means’
By Grabien Staff


MATTHEWS: "Shooting at international airport left five people dead. Security has been heighten around the country. We got new pictures of Esteban Santiago scene into custody. I'm joined by NBC Tom Costello who is at Reagan international airport. The Second Amendment is --"
COSTELLO: "No, you're absolutely right. With you check a gun legally. The way is happens is you have to have had lock in hard shell case. You have to declare that to the airline. There are many people who check a weapon or hunters. You have gun enthusiast who legally check a weapon. Mentally deranged individual get off the plane, get weapon, load it and start shooting people. Tonight the issue being discussed is do we have a whole new concern about the public area that ewe presume were safe in an airport now we have not thought about introducing weapons in this fashion and it greats dynamic. It's a big concern.
MATTHEWS: "It's interesting how we evolve what the second measurement means for example, it does not allow you to carry a gun on an airplane, right? Where is that a place you cannot carry one but you can carry one in the baggage area."

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