Mayor Adams on Women Being Randomly Punched in NYC: ‘You See the Corrosiveness of TikTok’

‘This version of TikTok is not displayed in China’
By Grabien Staff


ADAMS: “Yes. Yes. Despicable. You know, they better hope that I’m not out on the street when I see that takes place. It’s unbelievable that you see the corrosiveness of TikTok not only for teaching people how to steal cars, how to ride on top of subway stations’ trains. But just this pervasive, negative, anti‑social behavior. And for a woman to walk the street, I have two sisters, it’s unacceptable to be punched in that manner. Now, this version of TikTok is not displayed in China. China, which puts out TikTok, you can’t have this in their country. That is why we’re going after social media companies.”

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