McCarthy: No More Blank Checks for Ukraine... We Need to Stop this Omnibus Now

‘The American people are smarter than this’
By Grabien Staff


McCARTHY: "Well, we shouldn’t be. Before the election I explained this everybody: no more blank checks for Ukraine. We want to make sure where the money is spent, what's the strategy behind it. But this is exactly what's they doing again. They moved the continuing resolution to right before Christmas. They're trying to pass this where nobody can read it- You’re correct, you have Leahy and Shelby, two senators who will no longer be senators 14 days from now, write a bill that they wouldn’t even show anybody. Then they'll have the House of Representatives tell, 'You can't leave for Christmas until you vote on this.' Well, you know what? The American people are smarter than this. The American people understand, they want to stop wasting money causing more inflation. They want to have a say in this process. Don't buy into what the Democrats planned all along. They never moved these bills through the light of day. They never had a hearing in the process. And you know what? When we retake the majority, we won't allow the Senate bill come up unless they moved through committee. We won't allow them to do an omnibus again, but we need to stop this one now. Let us craft one in the beginning of next year where we can save and eliminate waste, but actually save money for the taxpayer as well."

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