Media Go to War Against Aaron Rodgers for Defying Covid Groupthink [Supercut]

‘I think we’re seeing a side of Aaron Rodgers that people are really, really disgusted by’

Last week, reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19, and it was revealed that he had not previously been vaccinated for the virus. Rodgers, who has since explained his reasoning for remaining unvaccinated during a pair of appearances on ‘The Pat McAfee Show,’ has been relentlessly attacked by the media being labeled as selfish, misinformed, and a danger to the public for the views he has espoused. However, when listening to both Rodgers and his critics in the media, it is the star quarterback who comes across as thoughtful and measured in his remarks while his media critics rant in an unhinged, close-minded, and presumptuous manner.

ESPN, the network formerly referred to as the worldwide leader in sports, has spearheaded the anti-Rodgers attacks over the past week with network star Stephen A. Smith saying of Rodgers, “I am ashamed of him right now.” Smith also commented on Rodgers’ appearance on McAfee’s show stating, “You came across as a national embarrassment.”

Dan Graziano, an NFL Insider at ESPN opined on the McAfee interview, “I think that was a rant that went off the rails several times, divorced from reality at almost every turn.”

Another ESPN employee, Senior Writer Mina Kimes also got the memo to slam Rodgers for his McAfee appearance, “What we’ve got today with this interview is a public figure spreading misinformation.” Kimes went on to claim that Rodgers’ remarks showed that, “He just doesn’t care.”

Several other networks joined the crusade against Rodgers as USA Today Sports Columnist Christine Brennan joined Jake Tapper on CNN to trash the Green Bay quarterback, “I think we are seeing a very different side of Aaron Rodgers, and I think we are seeing a side of Aaron Rodgers that people are really, really disgusted by.” Brennan wasn’t done going on to say, “It is a devastating prospect, the ramifications of what this guy is doing and what he is saying. He sounds like a crackpot.”

Part of what Rodgers said to set off these media personalities was that he consulted Joe Rogan for advice on the issue. CNN’s Chris Cuomo was of course on the case saying, “The embarrassment was going to begin as soon as he pointed out Joe Rogan as one of his touchstones of critical thinking.” Fredo Cuomo talking about critical thinking is almost too much to bear.

As for what Rodgers actually said, those remarks include, “I’m going to have the best immunity possible now. Based on the 2.5 million person study from Israel that people who get COVID and recover have the most robust immunity.” 

“I’m making the decision that’s based on what’s best for me and my own health, and for me it was a no brainer.”

“I’m going to critically think about what’s best for my own health. I’m not judging anybody else.”

Rodgers will likely be back on the field Sunday as the Packers take on the Seattle Seahawks, and the future Hall of Famer will undoubtedly leave this media noise behind him as he gets back to work. This story has highlighted how it is not only the political media who dutifully tows the establishment line on major issues, but those in the sports media as well. 

Based on their coverage of Rodgers, is it possible that the sports media commentators are even less emotionally stable and lacking in intelligence than those in the political media? Wait, is that even possible? We will leave their own words and “analysis” to speak for itself, and you can be the judge.

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