Media: Let’s Recognize Republicans Are Now America’s Top Terror Threat [Supercut]

‘The Republican Party is basically a domestic terrorist cell at this point, and they should be treated as such.’

In our last Supercut, we highlighted how elected officials and cabinet heads in Washington DC have made combating ‘Domestic Terrorism and Homegrown Violent Extremism’ a main priority for the federal government. On cue, the mockingbird media has taken the baton and commenced in its role of doing the bidding of the powerful and politically connected while taking direct aim at everyday American citizens.

A barrage of domestic terrorism focused segments have aired on cable news in the past several months with much of the coverage furthering the view that many Republican voters are a direct threat to the United States. It is another example of the corporate press treating their political opponents as dangerous enemies and that these media organizations believe it is their responsibility to attack ordinary Americans on behalf of their federal government overlords. 

Washington Post columnist and MSNBC anchor Jonathan Capehart reflects the sentiment of many in the mainstream press stating, “MAGA and the domestic terror threat is much more worrisome than any foreign threat.”

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan, who has provided some of the most vile commentary on this topic has made similarly themed comments including, “Bin Laden and co. didn’t have supporters and sympathizers among the House Republican caucus.” Hasan has also used the term, “MAGA-terrorists” to deride his political adversaries.

Another MSNBC anchor, Nicolle Wallace, has been at the forefront of the media push to characterize American citizens as dangerous potential domestic terrorists, dedicating countless segments to the subject. According to Wallace, “The gravest terrorist threat to the homeland is domestic, violent extremism.”

More specifically, she said, “Right-wing domestic violent extremism is the single greatest threat facing this country,” and that, “You’re either with them or with us.”

Wallace, a former White House Communications Director for George W. Bush, is one of several media personalities who worked in Republican politics and now cashes checks to publicly bash her former party at virtually every opportunity. This lucrative turncoat formula is one that has also been embraced by former Republican Congressman turned co-host of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ Joe Scarborough. Like Wallace, Scarborough rarely passes on an opportunity to bash Republicans. On the topic of domestic terrorism, he stated, “You have a Republican Party that sits mute while domestic terrorists plot the next overthrow of the US government.”

Former Lincoln Project advisor Kurt Bardella is another media personality who fits this turncoat mold. In true Lincoln Project form, he has been especially vicious in his commentary. Bardella has said, “The Republican Party is basically a domestic terrorist cell at this point, and they should be treated as such,” and, “The Republican Party is the getaway driver for these domestic terrorists.”

Clint Watts, a former Special Agent for the FBI, has insinuated that active domestic terrorist plots are commonplace stating, “There are a hundred McVeigh’s out there that are thinking about a bombing or thinking about an attack, and it’s a much more dangerous landscape than any time in the past several decades.”

Does this all sound a bit parroted from what the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats have been pushing? It absolutely does, and yet again what we are confronted with is the corrupt, cowardly corporate mainstream media doing the federal government’s bidding and working overtime to treat their political opponents as enemies of the state.

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