Michael Mann: ‘China Is Doing Way More than We Are’ on Climate Change

‘You have to be aware there is a transition’
By Grabien Staff


MANN: "Can I make a quick comment there as well? Because critics will often point to China, they'll say, 'Why should we do anything when China isn't acting?' Well, that's just not true. Actually, China is doing far more than we are. They’re investing massively in renewable energy, they flooded the global marketplace with cheap solar panels, and they're decommissioning coal-fired power plants - not only not building new ones but taking them offline until we elected a president that says, 'Guess what? I'm pulling out of the Paris accord. I’m going to do our part.' And that sent the signal to other actors like China, 'Well, if the U.S. isn't doing it, we don't have to.' We have seen carbon emissions now go up in China. They're starting to build coal-fired power plants again. That's the damage that was done by Trump's inaction." 

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