Michael Steele: ‘Please Stop Watching and Following National Polling ... It Distorts the Lens’

‘September, Labor Day, everyone settles down’
By Grabien Staff


STEELE: "I would never say that. It distorts the lens. It is not where the meat is on the ground being round up. It’s that sort of local flavor because that will bubble up international polling in September and October. Not so much now because folks are getting ready for graduations and makeup parties and they got going on. They are getting ready to go to the beach. September, labor day, everyone settles down, everybody gets into their groove and they been fed a steady diet of the local news. And they are reading and watching the local news channel. That comes back in play. It’s a smart strategy and to put that in place. We were talking in the last — this whole effort to do the counterprogramming. Talk a little bit from your experience, both if you can, inside the White House of making that political move when you have the forces inside the White House going, we still must be presidential."

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