Mike Pence: The Only Real Threat to the Economy Is a Joe Biden Presidency

‘The economy is on the ballot’
By Grabien Staff


PENCE: "The fact that you’re spending time on a major network to talk about some conspiracy online theory instead of talking about what the Democrats laid out this week, I mean — Joe Biden last night said that democracy’s on the ballot, character’s on the ballot. You know, Tony, the economy is on the ballot. I mean, we’ve already — we lost 22 million jobs in the course of this Coronavirus pandemic, but because of the solid foundation that President Trump poured of less taxes, less regulation, more American energy, more free and fair trade, we’ve seen nine million Americans already go back to work. Joe Biden said last night the economy’s not going to come back until the Coronavirus is over. Newsflash to Joe Biden: The economy is coming back. The only real threat to our economy is a Joe Biden presidency.” 

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