Mike Rogers: I Don’t Think Trump Knows Who Julian Assange Is

‘Somebody needs to march into his office and explain to him who Julian Assange is’
By Grabien Staff

ROGERS: "I'm not sure how well briefed he is. Somebody needs to march into his office and explain who Julian Assange is. I'm not sure he knows. By that tweet, I don't think he knows. This person is wanted for rape of a minor. He is hiding in the basement of an embassy because he is a fugitive from justice, number one. Number two, he has released information harmful to the United States that I do believe jeopardize soldiers in the field. This is no one you want to be associated with, no one you want to say has any credibility and the President of the United States or the President-elect should not give this individual any credibility. This to me is very, very serious for the people who are out there risking their lives."

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