Montage: The Media Can’t Stop Asking Democratic Guests If They’re Ready to Impeach Trump

‘Are we getting closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment?’’
By Grabien Staff

Objection! Leading the witness, your honor!

Since the Washington Post's report Monday that President Trump shared classified information with the Russian ambassador during an Oval Office meeting last week, the major media seems to smell blood in the water. Over the last 24 hours, almost every interview with Democratic politicians has included a question about whether we're getting closer to impeaching the president.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer is leading the charge, bringing up impeachment three separate times Tuesday evening alone.

During an interview with Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) about a New York Times report alleging Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to drop the agency's investigation into General Michael Flynn, Blitzer asked hopefully, "Are we getting closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment?"

Blitzer also flatly told Sen. King that if the Times' report is accurate, it's "an impeachable offense," not even phrasing the statement as a question.

Moments later, Blitzer asked Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) if the New York Times report would provide enough ammunition for impeachment proceedings against Trump. "Is that impeachable if it is an obstruction of justice?” Blitzer asked.

And that's just Tuesday night. 

As the montage above shows, many in the media are frequently attempting to bait their Democratic guests into calling for impeachment proceedings. 

Take a look. 

UPDATE ... the drumbeat continues:

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