‘Morning Joe’ on Slain NYPD Officer: Of Course, Donald Trump ‘Making It Political,’ Crime Is Down Across the Country

By Grabien Staff


LEMIRE: "Yeah, each officer starts each day not knowing if it will be their last shift on the job. I covered the NYPD for a long time and covered a lot of funerals just like this. It’s a remarkable outpouring of support from the community and the nation when something like this happens. But of course, because he’s Donald Trump, he’s making it political. Look, his aides were very clear yesterday that they liked this split screen of President Biden being at Radio City Music Hall with two other presidents for a big-dollar glitzy fundraiser, while Donald Trump was out in Queens and then on Long Island meeting with the family of a slain officer. We’ll get into it later in the day how Trump also spent the rest of his day attacking the daughter of the judge, but at least in this moment he tried to stay on message, Jeff Mason, and talk about crime. Trump and Republicans are trying to make crime a central issue this election, which we should note stats show that crime has actually fallen most places in this country over the last couple of years since its post-pandemic high, but just the politics of crime — and we should note President Biden called Mayor Adams to express condolences about the slain officer — how worried are Democrats that this could be an issue that resonates this November?"

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