MSNBC: Biden, First Lady Attend State Dinner in Paris

‘This is going to be a remarkable state dinner’
By Grabien Staff


WITT: "Important point that we want to share with you. Of course, we are looking at the president and First Lady arriving at the palace in Paris for a steak dinner. I absolutely can’t go without mentioning the beautiful dress that Jill Biden is wearing. That is absolutely stunning. Bridget macron looks equally stunning. You see the four of them, and this is going to be a remarkable state dinner. Running just about a half an hour late from when it was scheduled to be, but it’s the culmination of several remarkable days commemorating the 80th anniversary of d-day. These two men have been side-by- side in various places in Normandy, France. Notably, wrapping up having also visited the American cemetery earlier on Thursday. It has been quite a trip marking 80 years since June 6th and d-day, which really turned the tide for America and for the European allies in preserving democracy and saving the entire continent, and by extension, the world, from the threat of the nazis. It can be underscored, the remarkable event that was honored on June 6th. There, we see the two first couples of both France and the--"

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