MSNBC: Biden W.H. Sends Two Different Letters with Separate Messages to Pro-Israeli and Pro-Palestinian Americans

‘One letter emphasizes Biden’s support for Israel ... the other focuses on the administration’s work to protect civilians in Gaza’
By Grabien Staff


ALLEN: “I think what's going on here, you know, the White House says it's not unheard of, occasionally, when they have very complex issues, they'll have multiple versions of a letter, they want to make sure that they're showing respect to the views of the letter writers. You know, the -- the situation here, though, is that you don't usually see this kind of divergent emphasis. I spoke to somebody who had worked in a prior administration in the correspondence office, which is the one that responds to the letters, you know, who said that they often did, you know, their best to have as little divergence as possible, even when they did have multiple messages. None of the things that the president is saying in these letters, one set to pro-Palestinian folks, one set to pro-Israel folks, none of them are in conflict with his policy, but absolutely emphasizing one side to one set of letter writers and the other side to the other set.”

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