MSNBC Guest: Black People ‘Bring 98.7% of the Flavor to All Sports’

‘That’s just a fact’
By Grabien Staff


ROSS: “No, obviously it wasn’t fair. It was arbitrary. There’s nothing performance enhancing or that makes you a super human out of marijuana. I think what’s really troubling for me is the fact that it seems like black folks are being penalized more arbitrarily, it seems like there’s a bit more emphasis, focus on black athletes, and my thought on this, Tiffany, just really quickly is that black people, people worldwide bring 98.7% of the flavor to all sports. That’s just a fact. And, you know, you have a Michael Phelps out there, every once in a while you have anomalies. Maybe people from Africa are post Olympics, maybe it’s not the incentive to be representing a particular country, but instead to run under their own framework because there’s really no value the Olympics is bringing to these athletes. On the other hand, the African athletes are bringing so much flavor to the Olympics. And I just think that there arbitrary and capricious penalization of black athletes is arbitrary.”

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