MSNBC Guest: Kavanaugh ‘Elite, Wealthy, and White,’ He Can Do Whatever He Wants to Women Without Repercussion

‘This is their M.O.’
By Grabien Staff


MILLS: "That makes total sense, if you're unemployable at fox, clearly the White House will open their doors to you. That's what they do. The idea that these men have gotten away with everything their entire lives. They are elite, wealthy and white. This is their M.O., they can do what they want when they want it with whom they want to. There is nothing that Dr. Ford stands to gain from coming out at this moment, nothing. Her life has been turned upside down. She has had to relocate. Tell me why you would do that if you were lying. Is she looking for a reality TV show? No, she's not. She's just looking to be heard for the first time in her entire life. And taking a huge gamble in order to do so."

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