MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Republican Governors ‘Have Sent’ Biden’s Border Crisis ‘All Over the Country Like the Old Segregationists’

‘This has become really effective, so Biden’s response is to say, I’ll be punitive’
By Grabien Staff


REID: "And the thing is Paola, you know, it this is a good point that Jennifer makes, is that one of the things that red state governors like the governors of Texas and Florida have done, is they've sent the problem if you want to call it the problem of undocumented people, they've shipped them all over the country, like the old, you know, segregationists in the civil rights, used to put black people on buses to say, 'Hey, let's send them to your city so that you will be upset.' And then you've got these twin pressures, people who can't afford rent, people are seeing economic, you know, challenges in terms of affording things, and then they see migrants and they say, 'Well, they're getting the money that should be coming to me.'”


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