‘My Fellow Jamaicans’: Comedian Kyle Dunnigan’s Hilarious Biden Parody

‘I’ve asked Congress to do a full-scale attack on Joe Rogan...not Joe Rogan, the Russian guy’
By Grabien Staff


ANNOUNCER: "The President of the United States."

DUNNIGAN: "My fellow Jamaicans, our nation is in a crisis. The Decepticon variant Hobo-19 is still killing fat people. Inflation is destroying our [inaudible] and now Ukraine is being sexually raped. That is why I’ve asked Congress to do a full-scale attack on Joe Rogan — not, not — not Joe Rogan, the Russian guy, the guy with the shirt, Pootie Tang, man. He's a bad dude. We got to come together, man, get this guy. He's got our cranes, he's got all the cranes. We need them for the bigger — better build back — the build back — Build Back Better plan, man, you say it three times fast, pal. You say it. God, piece of s*it. Anyway, let's start the show."

(via Instagram)

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