NBC’s Welker on Biden’s Fundraising Event: It Was Clear that This Is Now Going To Be an All-Hands-On Deck Effort by Dems to Get Biden Re-Elected

‘But we know money doesn’t always translate into victory’
By Grabien Staff


WELKER: “At this point in time, look, President Biden has the fund-raising advantage. He also has more money in his war chest, but we know that money doesn’t always translate into victory. What was significant about what we saw this week is it was clear that this is now going to be an all-hands-on-deck effort by Democrats to try to get President Biden re-elected. The fact that you had former Presidents Obama and Clinton joining him for that fund-raising event clearly aimed at energizing the base. And I go back to 2012, when then President Obama was in the political fight of his life, and former President Clinton came out on the campaign trail to make the case for him. That made a difference. My question, Willie, how frequently will we see these presidents out on the campaign trail? Can they help to energize moderates and independent voters? I think that’s where the difference could be made, Willie.”

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