Ned Ryun: Biden Needed Someone ‘Dumber’ So Dems Got Kamala Harris

‘She couldn’t tell Colbert what she does as vice president’
By Grabien Staff


RYUN: “It is still staggering, Jesse, someone who unlikeable and quite frankly just not that bright has climbed to such heights inside of our government. She couldn’t tell colbert what she does as vice president. Every time she opens her mouth brain cells. Watch morbid situation nascar races for the wrecks and she never disappoints. Every time she goes out it’s a complete wreck. How she got here again after that disaster in the 2020 primary. She dropped out even before Iowa. She was polling at 1% or 2%. Polled from that pile of shame Joe Biden’s v.p. somebody dumber than Joe Biden saying something clearly dealing with early on set of dementia and now look at this and think dear god they are actually going to try to fist her on the Democratic Party in 2024 if Joe Biden doesn’t run and the only thought I can have on that front, jesse is clearly the powers inside of the Democratic Party and quite frankly government just need another low iq marinette as a place holder so they can actually do the real governing and who better than Kamala Harris because she certainly wouldn’t be doing much governing at all. If she were to run and win. Here’s the other thing, jesse, that’s a little scary to me about this. If Biden doesn’t run and she runs and somehow becomes -89d nominee I think she could win the general in 2024. Democrats much better at collecting ballots than we have. We can laugh at her and truly frightening but I don’t think we should under estimate what is taking place right now.”

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