NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Suggests Yang and Garcia Are Trying to Stop a Person of Color

‘They sent a sent a signal as you have all of the African American and Hispanic candidates in the race’


BERMAN: "Two of your main opponents, Kathryn Garcia and Andrew Yang, campaigned together over the weekend. That seemed to bother you. Why?"
ADAMS: "Well, because it just sent the wrong message. It was on June 19th, Juneteenth, the federal holiday that was just signed into law. They sent a signal, as you have all of the African-American and Hispanic candidates in the race, what message will you send during this time. They were talking about how do you empower various ethnic groups in politics."
BERMAN: "You tell me. What message do you think they are sending by campaigning to together?"
ADAMS: "Well, Kathryn Garcia, number one, she stated that she was not Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang stated that he was endorsing her. And his attitude was just, basically, we want to make sure that we're keeping Adams and others out of the place of mayor. It just is the wrong message for those in our city."
BERMAN: "Are you suggesting it is racial?"
ADAMS: "No. I'm suggesting that those who are running in office in New York, those who are looking at the candidacy in the field, they felt as though it sent the wrong message on Juneteenth to make that announcement on Juneteenth, with all the diversities that was in the field of African-American and Latin-speaking candidates."

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