Ocasio-Cortez on Kimmel: Like, Like, for Sure, Like, Yeah, Yeah, Like Yeah [Montage]

‘Yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure, um, yeah’
By Grabien Staff

The media starlet and New York congressional candidate, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, has, like, something to say. 

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, those things were “like,” “yeah,” and also, “um, for sure.”

Ocasio-Cortez is from New York, but sounded like a character from “Clueless.” Throughout the interview, she repeatedly used Valley girl filler words such as “like” and “yeah, yeah.”

In about three minutes of speaking, Ocasio Cortez said “like” 11 times, “yeah” 20 times, and “for sure” three times. 

While telling a story of a couple she met at a Cracker Barrel that apparently supported her plan of making health care a “right,” Ocasio Cortez said of the wife, "She was like, yeah, no, my husband is a, is a, is a huge fan of yours. So I said, okay. We’re chatting. We’re in the Cracker Barrel, so there this motion-activated thing behind me that's, like, singing 'Jingle Bells' and Christmas songs.”

Asked if meeting voters is different now that she’s a national media figure, Ocasio-Cortez said: “Oh, yeah. Sometimes people just lose their — like, wait, you’re knocking on my door? Like, back in the day when you would knock on the door and carry a big check to someone’s door.”

Check out the montage above to see for yourself.


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