Pelosi Denies Setting the Precedent on Impeachment: ‘That’s Hogwash ... I Don’t Know Why the Press Keeps Repeating It’

‘It’s ridiculous’
By Grabien Staff


GEIST: "And Speaker Pelosi, Speaker McCarthy made the argument the other day that 'Well, Nancy Pelosi set this precedent. She waited a long time to have a vote on the first impeachment of Donald Trump.' You did hold a vote, we should add, but he said you made the rules, and he's just following them now by not holding this initial vote for an impeachment inquiry. What do you say to that?"
PELOSI: "I say that that's hogwash. I mean, it's ridiculous. And I don't know why the press keeps repeating it. The fact is, we said we were going to -- I assigned committee chairs, six of them to develop the -- the facts, because you have to act upon the facts.”


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