Pelosi Dodges on Radical Components on AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’: ‘I Haven’t Seen It’ — Ends Presser

‘But I do know it’s enthusiastic and we welcome all the enthusiasms out there’


REPORTER: “To follow up, is the green new deal proposal a useful base —“ [crosstalk]
PELOSI: “I haven't -- I quite frankly, I haven’t seen it but I do know that it’s enthusiastic and we welcome all the enthusiasms that are out there. The purpose, though, of this select committee and the tasking that I have given to the committees of jurisdictions — I didn’t even have to task them. They had their own enthusiasms for it, was that we would have an evidence-based, well-defined approach to how we go forward to make a difference. Because even then in 2000 and — well, 2007 when we passed the first energy bill but then continuing that debate under President Obama, it was getting too late. And now we’re well past that time. So time is of the essence. We welcome the enthusiasm that is there. The green deal points out the fact that the public is much more aware of -- of the challenge we face and that is a good thing. Because the public sentiment will help us pass the most bold common denominator, the bold initiatives with the interest in, again, saving the planet while we create jobs, protect the health of our children and pass the planet on in a very serious way. I’m very excited about it all and I welcome green new deal and any other proposals that people have out there. Thank you, all, very much.”

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