Piers Morgan Slams MSM for Censoring Trump: ‘What About Your Own Backyard’ When It Comes to Misinformation?

‘Didn’t [Rachel Maddow] lead the charge on Russia collusion for two years?’
By Grabien Staff


MORGAN: "I'm sorry, Rachel Maddow banging on about disinformation and how damaging it would be to MSNBC, didn't she lead the charge on Russia collusion for two years? Right? I watched that night after night. I would tune in, not for very long, and hear, 'Russia collusion, Russia collusion' on MSNBC, my former bosses at CNN. It turned out to be complete nonsense, a massive nothing burger."
KILMEADE: "No apology, no acknowledgment."
MORGAN: "Nothing. But now they have the brass neck to say, 'We can't possibly show Trump's victory speech because he might spew disinformation.' Well, what about your own backyard?"

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