Pollster Says RFK Jr. Going All-In as Anti-War Is Going to Hurt Joe Biden

‘They look at Bill Clinton, they look at Barack Obama and Joe Biden doesn‘t have the same kind of thing’
By Grabien Staff


CARTER: “The other thing I do want to say about, I don't agree with you that it's party unity to have the protesters outside. I think this is a big issue. And I think it's why, when you start looking at polling when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. comes into the mix, it actually hurts Joe Biden. That's because he is -- Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has now gone all in. He's anti-war. He's picked an anti-war candidate to run with, and that's now going to be his big platform. And I think that's going to be enough to really spoil the election should Robert F. Kennedy Jr. get in.”


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