Protesters Shout Down AOC and Jerry Nadler: ‘Close the Border!

‘Close the border!’
By Grabien Staff


UNKNOWN MALE: "Well, thank you. I am happy to be here with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and members of our delegation as well as other members from other states that are here to see for themselves what the migration dynamic is in our nation. What we saw were children, families, people that want to work, people that are fleeing violence, people that are fleeing environmental disasters. We see so many stories, heartbreaking stories, manifests itself here. But I think these are folks that will take New York City to a better place. Every crisis presents great opportunity. There's hope and opportunity in this building. So I wanted to thank all my colleagues for coming. I think this is a contentious issue, but we are all Americans. We all believe in the American dream. That's the common denominator here, the American dream, we believe in it, we will fight for it. With that --"
PROTESTERS (chant): "Close the border! Close the border! Close the border!"
OCASOP-CORTEZ: "Yeah. And ultimately, I think that there are three points of consensus here that are very important in getting a solution to this issue. The first is that there is -- there is consensus here across geography and state on federal resources to cities and municipalities dealing with this issue. The second is to allow the work authorizations so that the folks in here can get to work and start supporting themselves as soon as possible. They are prevented from getting jobs, they are prevented from employment."

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